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Teenage Model

Are my kids entitled?

Happy Teenager

Hope, Kindness and Perseverance

Parents and Child

Exercises to Strengthen the Kid/Parent Connection

Working from Home

Cultural Beliefs About Life to Consider Adjusting


Coping with Divorce:

What Parents Can Do 

Dr. Greg Allen profile in beach magazine.jpg

Dr. Greg Allen Profile in Beach Magazine

Staying Healthy in

Body & Mind

Happy Family

How Can I Launch My Kid into Young Adulthood

Family Fishing

Who influences your kids? (Peninsula magazine)

Happy Family

Changing your Parental Mindset


How to Blend Your



Dear Dr. Greg Allen: Give the Kid a Chore

Digital Mind

Mind Games:

Win the Battle

Gaining 2020 Vision for Your Family


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Thinking Man on Couch

Keeping A Strong Mindset During Difficult Times


By Katie Cheadle, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist