Dr. Allen Community Presentations for Parents and Professionals

Dear Friends: Due to the Coronavirus, we are working to reschedule these events. The health of our community is our number one concern at this time and we are complying with national and local protocols. Thank you for your continued support and we will keep you informed of any updates. We hope you stay safe and healthy! Please let us know if you need any support. 

Changes Life Skills Discussion Groups

The Freedom4U Changes Groups support and teach life skills to teens and parents. The Changes Groups uses evidenced-based material, peer mentors, healthy activities and service learning to guide teens and parents toward healthy coping skills.

Please contact us if interested in signing up for fall groups: admin@freedomcommunity.com

or call: 310) 846-8403

GirlWise & WiseGuys

Life skills to get the most out of the teen years. Teaching teens to cope with adolesent stressors and find healthy solutions to difficult problems.