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Life Skills Groups

The Freedom4U Changes Groups support and teach life skills to teens and parents. The Changes Groups uses evidenced-based material, peer mentors, healthy activities and service learning to guide teens and parents toward healthy coping skills.

Changes Teen Life Skills Discussion Groups Topics include:

  • Relationships with friends

  • Coping with stress

  • Dealing with difficult emotions

  • The party scene and what to do about it

  • Finding your passion

  • Understanding your strengths

  • Communication Skills

  • Having healthy fun

  • Making a difference in your life

  • Improving family relationships



More information:

The Changes Group is a weekly group for ten weeks.

There are weekly separate parent and teen 90-minute groups.


Cost: $60 per week which covers both parent and teen groups.

Financial assistance is available. Freedom4U is seeking donations to make the groupsavailable to all families. All donations are tax-deductible.


Personal individual and family therapy options are also available



Groups Location:

Currently meeting in Palos Verdes Offices


P: 310.897-5043

F: 310-378-3024


The Changes Groups consist of:

  • Stress Reduction Skills

  • Teen Life Skills Discussion Group

  • Parent Discussion Group

  • Healthy Activities

  • Service Learning






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