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Hello, we are open! You can schedule an in-person or teletherapy session.
Please call: (310) 846-8403 Or email:

Check out these resources:

 Dr. Greg Allen's group has been a great help to us. They are the difference between understanding and confusion, hope and despair for our family. 

- Client




Thank you to all of our faithful supporters and attendees of our New Beginnings fundraiser! We will be able to help many kids thanks to you!


& Resources

The Importance of Sleep


A guide to understanding your sleep and solving your problems.

Families, Stress and Health


Parent education is part of our life skills focus. We strive to provide healthy guidance to parents.

Communication with Teens


A guide to understanding and talking with your teen

Divorce, Suicide and Grief


Recognize and tackle crisis situations the positive way! We can help you take control of your life again. 

For youth and family resources check out Freedom4U site, programs in creative arts, life  skills, leadership & service:    

Family Therapy

Today's families face many stressors. We can teach you to work together to make your family better. 
Drugs and Alcohol cause problems that need special care. Let us help and make a difference in your lives.

Drugs and Alcohol

Parents & Teen Help
We will connect with teens and parents to collaboratively progress through problems. Our experience will help to change your situation
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